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For custom board orders contact:

Ocean Magic

(01637) 850071

Many Returns

(01637) 877277

For wetsuit repairs contact:

Paul at Many Returns

(01637) 877277

Surf Boards

With many types of surf boards on the market it can be confusing for a novice surfer looking for a suitable board. To start with, a longer, wider board is best as it's more stable and easier to catch waves with. Below are the basic types you'll find in the shops.

A) Longboard or Malibu - Over 9 ft long. The classic original style, ideal for a bigger novice.

B) Mini-Mal - Between 7 & 9 ft. A great all round board to start with.

C) Shortboard - Under 7 ft long. Light and unstable for manoeuverability.

Board Manufacture - Below we've put together a brief description of how boards are made....

1) First, the outline of the board is drawn onto a foam blank, then a saw is used to cut it out.
2) Then using skill and experience, the shaper will apply the fine lines of the rails, rocker, and bottom contours to the board.  
3) At this point any artwork is sprayed or brushed on

4) Now the board is passed to the glasser for the fibre glass shell to be applied. Resin is squeezed through the fibre glass to create a bond with the foam.

5) Once the resin has set, holes are routed in for the fin plugs, which are then fixed in position.

6) The board is then sanded smooth, and a final polish or speed coat lacquer applied.

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